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Is ZED Association a commercial structure or a public association?

Answer: The Association of Exporters and Importers "ZED" is a commercial structure with the wide cooperation opportunities inherent in ordinary associations. The Law of Ukraine "On Public Associations" allows the provision of services to the Ukrainian enterprises a limited extent in foreign economic activity area. Based on the fact that the main idea of ​​creating the Association in the field of foreign economic activity was the provision of comprehensive services and the organization of broad partnerships among exporters and importers, it was decided that the organization registering form should be "Limited Liability Company". Moreover, according to the charter, mission and strategy of the Association, it is endowed with broad opportunities for organizing cooperation between exporters and importers, service companies and other companies specializing in foreign economic activity. In particular, one of the forms of cooperation is the “partner-member” of the Association, which, in essence, is fairly close to traditional membership relations for public associations.


What are the conditions for entry and what status do ZED Association partner- members have?

Answer: Various options for cooperation are possible.

Cooperation can be implemented in the form of:

  • agreements previously reached and drawn up under the agreement (ZED Association is either the customer or the contractor)
  • signing a memorandum or cooperation agreement, which provides for joint activities;
  • registration on the website of ZED Association.


How much and in what order are the membership fees paid?

Answer: ZED Association members do not pay membership fees. We look forward to further profitability from the joint activities of the parties and future income, which will compensate for the expenses incurred by the Association at the initial stage of cooperation and in fulfilling the role of the Association.


How is such partnership with ZED Association in the field of export activities useful for me as a customer?

Answer: Association offers a partnership model that is different from the models of other organizations in foreign trade services activity. Using the mechanism of "membership-partnership" and a wide range of professional services provided, Association provides comprehensive assistance to exporters (manufacturers) in preparing exports. Moreover, as a rule, at the initial stage, financing by the customer is not required. Compensation to ZED Association for the costs incurred is made after the exporter receives export earnings.


What benefits will company or organization receive that will become a ZED Association’s member?

Answer: ZED Association provides its members with:

  • useful information on topics that partner company is interested in;
  • providing discounts on the cost of services and publishing materials sold by ZED Association;
  • involving a partner company in projects (national and international) in which ZED Association participates;
  • we provide greater efficiency from joint activities on a partnership basis, taking into account the competence and experience of ZED Association;
  • we provide advisory services to our members on current issues in the field of foreign economic activity;
  • partner’s company promotion during the events and in the media;
  • we help the partner company in solving problematic issues related for foreign economic activity.


How is Association of Exporters and Importers, which is also registered in Ukraine, related with your Association?

Answer: ZED Association has no relation to the Association of Exporters and Importers and does not engaged with joint activities.


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