International Commercial Transactions (Code: 01003)

This is a best seller among all the publications of the ICC. No wonder, as apart from the interesting theory part about the nature of international commercial contracts, the book contains a number of sample contracts of the International Chamber of Commerce, as well as documents that are used in the transport sector, other useful publications and teaching materials.

Terms in the book are completely adapted to the national legislation of Ukraine. It was translated by experts from a number of ministries and agencies, including the State Customs Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economic Development.

The book's contents can be used by Ukrainian businesses when making foreign trade contracts (agreements).

Publisher : Асоціація "ЗЕД"
Year : 2012
Number of pages : 624
Cover : Тверда обкладинка
Printing : 2100
ISBN : 978-966-97155-2-4 (укр.)
Price: 714,00 грн.
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