1. This Privacy Policy contains an agreement between the User of the site zed.ua, (mirror zed.com.ua) and its services, hereinafter - the Site and the Association of Exporters and Importers "ZED" LLC (code EGRPOU 32709782), hereinafter - the Company.
Privacy policy does not apply to services provided by other companies or individuals, links to which are reflected on the pages of the site.

2. The User's personal data may be provided to the Company:

2.1. Information provided by the User when registering or updating the account filling out the form when ordering goods on the Site: name, first name, patronymic, organization, e-mail address, phone number postal address, delivery address, payment method, delivery method.

2.2. Information provided by the User during the use of the Site and/or services through the placement of orders, entry of records into the survey form, feedback forms, subscriptions, posting of feedback, forum messages, correspondence, telephone conversations with the support service, etc.

2.3. Data automatically generated due to use of the Site and / or services Date and time of registration of the account date and time of the order; data on the use of the Site user's Internet details: information from cookies, Internet provider, IP-address, address of the page where the feedback form or order form is located.

3. The purposes of processing and the procedure for using the user's personal data.

3.1. The objectives of collecting personal user data by the Company

a. Identify the user who passed the registration procedure or filled out the order form on the site to place an order and purchase the goods.
b. Open the User access to the personalized resources of the Site.
c. Establish a feedback with the user, which is meant, in particular, the distribution of requests and messages concerning the use of the site for processing orders, the processing of user requests for services provided by the company.
d. Define the address specified by the user to ensure the delivery of the ordered goods.
e. Create an account for the execution of orders, if the User has found his desire.
f. Tell the user about the status of his order.
g. Promote the user in the most rapid resolution of problems arising from the use of the site, through effective customer and technical support.
i. Timely inform the user about updating the list of goods and services of the Company, to acquaint them with news about the activities of the Company or its partners and other information if the User finds his consent.

3.2. The above personal information is securely stored. Personal data is not transferred to third parties except in the following cases:

a. The transfer of personal data to courier services, postal organizations, telecoms operators in order to fulfill the requirements of the user's order placed on the Site and delivery of the goods to the delivery address. The user's consent to such a transfer is provided by the rules of this site's privacy policy.
b. Personal data may be transferred to authorized state authorities if this is done legally and in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

4. The site allows the User to choose at his discretion the settings for receiving e-mail messages for certain types of messages (for example, about sending news and messages from the site). The User agrees that in the case of placing an order on the Site, he will not be able to choose the settings for receiving messages about this. The company can use the contact information of the user to send technical and administrative messages, news, messages about the order made by him during the entire period of account activity and the preservation of personal data.

At any time, the user can completely prohibit the use of cookies by changing the browser settings. However, keep in mind that the cookies necessary for the correct operation of our services, for example, so that the user does not have to choose the language of the site every time, confirm the consent to the privacy policy and other parameters stored in the cookies. More details about the rules of using cookies on the site can be found here.

5. Storage and processing of the user's personal data specified by him when using the Site is performed on the servers of the Internet provider, which hosts the site. The user can at any time independently make changes or delete the account on the site or zvernutsya to the site administration to delete or change his personal data specified when making an order of goods without registering on the Site.

6. The consent of the User to the storage and processing of his personal data shall be valid during the entire period of activity (existence) of his account, for users carrying out the order of goods or sub-signings on the Site without registration of the account - during the period of operation of the corresponding order services, and for unregistered Users - during the period of access to the Site and / or use of the Services of the Site.

7. The Company is responsible and takes technical and organizational measures to protect the User's personal data.

8. The user is responsible for the confidentiality of the personal password used by him during registration of the account and authorization on the Site.

9. The company is not responsible:

a. For unauthorized access to the User's personal data by authorization using his personal login and password in case of insufficient stability or unreliable storage;
b. If the User's personal data was provided by third parties before they were posted on the Site or received by the Site Administration;
at. If the personal data of the User is disclosed with the consent of the User.

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may be subject to revision and updating. We will not fundamentally restrict your rights without your explicit consent. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this page, and in case of significant changes, we will notify Users.

Updated: 01/01/2020