The First Dialogue with the representatives of the Ukrainian business about updating the Association Agreement EU - Ukraine

Ugoda z ES1Today, on July 28, Olga Stefanishina, Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, held the First Dialogue with Ukrainian business on updating the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

The purpose of this dialogue is to start a process of in-depth consultations with representatives of Ukrainian business on the needs and expectations of the renewal of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The result of such dialogues will be a generalized position of business, which will be taken into account when preparing the negotiating position of Ukraine within the framework of the Agreement updating.

The Association ZED, together with the AsMAP (Association of International carriers) of Ukraine and with the support of the Ukrainian Association of Business and Trade, has already joined the proposals processing for amendments to the Agreement in the field of international road transport in order to solve the problems associated with the appropriate number of permits ensuring for the Ukrainian road carriers.

Source: Government portal

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