Meeting of the Ukrainian part of Ukraine-Kazakhstan Business Council

dilova rada ukr kaz

The second meeting of the Ukrainian part of Ukraine-Kazakhstan Business Council at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held online.

Members of the Ukrainian part of the Council, representatives of the Ministry of Economy, regional chambers of commerce and industry and representatives of Ukrainian business, that are interested in cooperation with the Kazakh side, took part in the meeting.

The nearest future, the Ministry of Economy is planning to hold a meeting of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Kazakh Commission, at which it is planned to discuss trade and economic cooperation between countries.

Today, in a dialogue with business, many practical issues have been raised regarding the search for trade partners, logistics, product certification and others.

We agreed to provide the Ministry of Economy with agreed proposals from business on the further development of trade relations and interaction with the Kazakh side.

Wait for your offers!

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