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Joint meeting of Ukraine-Kazakhstan Business Council

16.03.20. укр каз 1The first joint meeting of Ukraine-Kazakhstan Business Council was held!

We discussed issues of trade, logistics, certification, investment and opportunities to improve trade between our countries.

Today we need to focus on cooperation and joint ventures. It is this cooperation strategy that will be beneficial for both countries. The Business Council will help revitalize trade with a view to reaching more than $ 1 billion in trade.

There are more than 1000 joint Ukrainian-Kazakh enterprises in Kazakhstan. Ukraine, in turn, can provide the products of Kazakh and joint ventures with certification in accordance with European regulations.

As noted by the Kazakh side, entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan are interested in importing products from Ukraine, medical, agricultural, construction and furniture industries, while in Ukraine they are ready to supply meat processing products, pasta, cement and fertilizers. But an important role is played by solving the problematic issues at the moment - transport and logistics.

In addition, the countries are ready for cooperation to enter the European and Chinese markets.

Previously it was agreed to organize a meeting for business representatives of both countries.

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