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Promoting of international business standards sharing in Ukraine

ZED Association, on its own initiative, fulfills the mission of disseminating international business standards in Ukraine. This is a priority activity of ZED Association. This initiative extends to several areas.

Based on an exclusive license agreement with the International Chamber of Commerce, we translate, publish and disseminate international ICC recommendations. ICC recommendations, such as Model Sales Contracts, Recommendations on Force Majeure, Incoterms, Documentary letters of credit and Guarantees, etc. have become the recommended basis in Ukraine for the training and qualification of many FEA professionals. In addition, we make other recommendations: the EU, competent international associations.

In addition, experts of ZED Association organize and participate directly as lecturers, speakers, coaches in various educational events, conferences, seminars in order to spread the international practice of conducting in Ukraine. In the last few years, our specialists have participated in more than 250 events.

At the request of Ukrainian and foreign companies, ZED Association also organizes and conducts consultations on these issues, including our partners or clients’ offices.

Specialists of ZED Association have experience and participated in the development of several laws of Ukraine, such as "On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Defining Conditions of Supplies", "On State Control of International Transfers of Military and Dual-Use Goods", "On creation of a free economic zone "Crimea" and about the peculiarities of economic activity in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine ", etc.

Always ready to cooperate.

Association’s ZED participation in the Councils of state bodies

Association is a member of such Councils as:

  • Council of Exporters and Investors at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  • Working Group on Trade Issues within the framework of the Joint Interstate Commission Ukraine-Kazakhstan;
  • Council at the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine and other organizations through which it lobbies the business’ interests in terms of improving the regulatory framework in Ukraine, on foreign economic activity issues, support for domestic exporters and other issues.

Council of Foreign Economic Activity issues at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Association ZED is the member of Council of FEA issues at the UCCI.

The Head of the Council is Sergii Svystil – the Head of Board of Association ZED.

The Council was created among the entrepreneurs, experts in the field of foreign economic activity, leading specialists of commercial enterprises, their associations, scientific and research, project entities, international organizations.

The Council mediates the dialogue between business and government, lobbies a wide range of issues to improve the overall legal and regulatory policy and remove obstacles to doing business, makes a real impact on legislative activities, develops solid proposals for submission relevant government authorities, based on the real needs of business.

Ukraine – Kazakhstan Business Council at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In accordance with the agreement between the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan, the Ukraine-Kazakhstan Business Council was established.

Sergii Svistil is the Chairman of the Council of the Association ZED, was elected as a Chairman of the Ukrainian part of the Council and Co-Chairman of the Council.

Representatives of more than 50 Ukrainian companies are members of the Council from the Ukrainian side.

 At the meetings of the Council, topical issues for business in the field of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries are discussed.

Trading House Nigeria-Ukraine 

Association ZED promotes the development of international trade. One of the tasks of Association ZED is to create tools to support trade with foreign countries.

To expand economic cooperation with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Association ZED co-founded the Trading House Nigeria-Ukraine “NewSvit”.

The Trading House is located and operates in Nigeria with the representative offices in Abuja and Lagos. The interests of the Trading House in Ukraine are represented by the Association ZED.

To get more information about activity of Trading House on its site Trading House Nigeria-Ukraine “NewSvit”.

Relations structure developing and cooperation with foreign organizations for verifying export documents.

In order to customs clearance procedures for imported goods in Ukraine, the issues of proving the correctness of customs value and the goods code by the Ukrainian classification indicated in declaration are sometimes important.

ZED Association assists the Ukrainian importers to prepare documents for customs clearance, including export documents with their authenticity. To this effect, ZED Association builds a network of partner organizations in order to verify the validity of the export documents provided - export customs declarations, invoices, etc. and their certificates.

The personal verification and certification scheme is in place for each country of export. For example, in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between the Chinese Committee on International Trade Facilitation (CCPIT) / Chinese International Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC) and the Ukrainian National Committee (UNC) of the International Trade Committee on December 29,2009 ZED Association is "an authorized organization that provides the conformity (verification) of export customs declarations and other documents for goods imported from the People's Republic of China public in Ukraine.

Chinese’ export declarations certification may be provided by the system of chambers of commerce and industry in Ukraine, UNC of ICC, notaries upon submission of ZED Association on the basis of copies of Chinese export declarations certified by the relevant CCPIT certificate certified by the regional CCPIT authorities.

In order to obtain the relevant certificate, the Chinese exporter submits a copy of the export declaration to the CCPIT regional body.

ZED Association provides translations of the certificates provided in Chinese and English, provides appropriate advices and documents for certification.

Using of certified export declarations facilitates the prompt and correct determination of the customs value of imported goods and the verification of the Ukrainian classification code.

According to a similar procedure, export declarations from other countries of the world can be certified.


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