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Association "ZED" provides consulting services to Ukrainian and foreign companies on current issues of foreign economic activity. Services are provided in writing or orally, including the use of modern means of information exchange.

In the practice of the Association "ZED" consultations on the organization of export-import activities, establishment of enterprises, tax and customs practices, certification of origin and compliance, minimization of risks and losses and others. Services can also be provided at the client's office both in Ukraine and abroad.

Development of export or import strategy of the company

The experts of the Association "ZED" participated and have experience in developing export strategy of Ukraine, the export strategy of the city of Kiev as well as export-import strategies of individual companies. The Association "ZED" can propose the development of a company strategy of export-import activity on the basis of understanding of the trends of the Ukrainian market and individual countries of the world, the existing domestic practice in international trade.

Strategy development can also include the issues of technical re-equipment or establishment of a company in Ukraine based on the use of preferential trade instruments within the framework of free trade zones, general preference and most-favored-nation regimes, and bilateral trade agreements.

Marketing research

Association "ZED" performs market research in Ukraine and foreign countries. To conduct research, we use modern tools for intelligent processing of information.

Association "ZED" helps customers to make the right management decisions in a competitive market, the existing prohibitions, restrictions and opportunities.

Search for buyers, sellers and service providers

Association "ZED" conducts the search and offers the customer a list of potential buyers / sellers of products and service providers in Ukraine and abroad.

The ZED Association's own database is also used for searches.

Counterparty verification

If necessary, the Association "ZED" verifies the commercial or financial reliability of potential counterparty in Ukraine or abroad. With our partners we also prepare objective characteristics of the potential counterparty (due diligence).

In some situations the Association "ZED" can give recommendations on the integrity and commercial reliability of companies that may be potential counterparties.

Comprehensive assistance in organizing the export or import of goods

ZED helps to organize the export or import of goods to improve the efficiency of foreign trade activities and minimize risks and losses. The assistance includes a complex of works to analyze the customer's activity, development of proposals, strategies, documents and performance of separate tasks to organize export/import in coordination with the customer.

Assistance in the creation of enterprises with export-import and other activities

At the request of customers the Association "ZED" assists in creating enterprises in Ukraine and abroad to carry out commercial operations.

Verification of goods and documents

In case of export or import of goods the Association "ZED" offers services in Ukraine and abroad to organize the identification of goods, check the quantity, quality, packaging, labeling and correctness of the accompanying documents. Association "ZED" offers services to verify goods and documents during transactions with the use of trade finance instruments.

Verification of goods and documents abroad is carried out through partner structures and organizations or directly by representatives of the Association "ZED".

The most demanded services are goods verification within the framework of complex contracts, cases of delivery of low-quality or damaged goods, settlements with the use of modern banking instruments.

Conclusion and support of contracts

At the request of Ukrainian and foreign companies Association "ZED" assists with the conclusion and implementation of contracts of sale, distribution, consignment, transportation services, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and other services, insurance, storage, agency agreements based on international recommendations and many years of experience Association "ZED".

We pay special attention to complex commercial transactions with the organization of the resale chain of goods, with the inclusion of related persons in the operations and the use of trade finance instruments.

If necessary, the Association "ZED" can execute individual components of contract activities.

Logistics services

During the existence of the Association "ZED" established transport and forwarding services by all modes of transport. Among the areas of specialization - transportation of oversized and overweight cargoes, combined transportations, as well as transportation of cargoes in large volumes.

Association "ZED" has experience in organizing commercial and transport corridors when a significant volume of international traffic to reduce the cost of transportation restores partnership and legal relationship between the participants of transit traffic through individual countries to transit tariff discounts.

Also the Association "ZED" organizes placement, storage of goods in warehouses in Ukraine and abroad, the sale of goods on consignment.

Association "ZED" is interested in forming alliances with freight forwarders and carriers of other countries to increase the flow of goods and reduce the cost of transportation.


Association "ZED" performs the function of the insurance broker, minimizes the risks and losses during export-import operations.

Due to many years of experience in conducting and providing complex export-import operations the Association "ZED" can always offer ways to reduce risks and reduce costs in the implementation of foreign economic activity.

Exhibition services

Association "ZED" helps to organize participation in exhibitions in Ukraine and other countries.

Association "ZED" assists in organizing, visiting, participating and conducting international trade and industrial and trade exhibitions, fairs and presentations to domestic and foreign companies.

Association "ZED" offers services in absentee participation of enterprises in international exhibitions with the placement of information in the catalogs of exhibitors offers placement of commercial information in its own kiosks used by the Association in international exhibitions.

Customs clearance

Association "ZED" provides a full range of services in the field of customs brokerage services to customers, relying on its own specialists. It has a whole arsenal of necessary knowledge and skills, which, combined with extensive experience and a reliable reputation in the customs authorities, ensures quality and prompt performance of the assigned tasks.

Exporter, importer, consignee and consignor

If our customers need us, "ZED" can act as exporter or importer of goods, as consignee or consignor of goods

Conformity Certification

The Association "ZED" assists Ukrainian and foreign companies on issues of certification of conformity of products both in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, the Association "ZED" assists with the opening of markets for certain products for which mandatory certification is provided.

Certification of origin

If necessary, the Association "ZED" assists in determining the origin of goods, including obtaining certificates of origin.

Also advises on the organization (design) of production of goods based on the use of foreign components and raw materials in order to obtain trade preferences within the existing free trade zones, general preference and most-favored-nation regimes.

Investment Promotion

Association "ZED" assists Ukrainian companies in finding objects for investment, accompanies investment activities, and in case of agreement becomes a partner for investment.

Organization of business visits

Association "ZED" organizes business trips to other countries and Ukraine to participate in business forums, exhibitions, etc., provides appropriate travel support.

Organization of presentations of goods and companies

Association "ZED" organizes in Ukraine and abroad presentations of Ukrainian and foreign goods, services and companies in offline and online modes.

Organization of conferences, round tables, forums

For Ukrainian companies and companies from other countries the Association "ZED" organizes and conducts conferences, round tables and forums on topical issues of foreign trade and commercial activity both offline and online.

Training of specialists, workshops, trainings

Association "ZED" regularly conducts education and training for business representatives on current issues of foreign economic activity. Education and training are conducted offline or online. It is also the practice of "ZED" Association specialists to hold events at the customer site.

Providing business representatives with methodological materials

Association "ZED" translates and publishes international recommendations of authoritative international organizations in Ukrainian, which are available for purchase through the online store of the Association.

Publication of promotional products

For a successful advertising campaign of Ukrainian and foreign customers the Association "ZED" develops and publishes promotional materials, and if necessary, distributes them to interested parties.

Assistance in case of contract complications

The Association "ZED" offers qualified assistance to companies, which have problems with foreign economic activity. We help to find solutions to problems and with the consent of the parties can perform the mediation function.

In our experience, the most demanded assistance is in customs, logistics, interaction with state authorities, as well as force majeure circumstances and failure to fulfill contractual obligations for various objective reasons.

Expert conclusions

Having considerable experience in the sphere of foreign economic activity the Association "ZED" carries out the corresponding researches and prepares expert opinions and, if necessary, helps to get the appropriate conclusions from the authoritative expert organizations - the partners of the Association "ZED".


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